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9600 Sárvár, Batthyány u. 41–43.
+36 95 326 150
+36 30 845 5985
H – P 8:00 – 17:00


9600 Sárvár, Várkerület út 33.
+36 95 326 188
+36 30 845 3298
H – P 8:00 – 17:00


Contact us with confidence
on every day of the week
from 8:00 am
to 5:00 pm.
+36 95 326 188
+36 30 845 3298


Thermaldent Introduction

Our clinic, with a professional, special team, strives for your maximum satisfaction. The terms "thermal" and "dental", in addition to our brand name, also reflect our professional commitment. Our services include the highest level of technological equipment, training and organization, and complete administration is the foundation of ThermalDent.


Our dentists have years of professional experience and international trainings.

Good price-good value services

We tried to set up good price for good value, this way many of our patients can use our services.


Receptionists meet our patients first. The first impression is very important.

Easy to access

Our clinic can be found on the main street of Sávár, so it is easy to reach.

Our mission

We believe that healthy teeth are essential for quality life. We try to promote this, with our activity.


Complete check-up at the first meeting.

High quality

Well trained dentists are waiting for our patients.

Innovative materials and equipment

We are working with high quality materials and equipment.