The final results are highly influenced by the general state of health and the oral hygienic habits of the patient, for which the dentist cannot take the responsibility. The warranty is granted for the manufactured dental products.

Conditions of providing warranty:

- attending a dental and oral hygiene control examination (for consultation fee) at least twice a year

- taking part in sustainability treatments suggested by the dentist, within 30 days (eg.: plaque scaling, denture lining)

- intended use of the denture

- keeping the denture clean

- no trauma, bone- or gum disease of the denture

- no outstanding invoice of the patient

Guarantee is not available in the following cases:

- neglecting the control examinations

- not eligible oral hygiene and grooming of the denture

- no intended use of the denture (extreme force effect to overload the denture)

- in case of smoking the guarantee is not enforceable for implants, bone supplement and for parodontological interventions

- mechanical damages of the denture (falling down, martial arts), or chemical damages due to chemicals (concentrated alcohol, reagents)

- asickness of the masticator system because of different systemic-, infectious- and cancer diseases, and subsequent treatments, as well as effects of emergency interventions arising

- diseases deriving from psychological and other mental sicknesses

- in case of inflammation of dental pulp, parodontium, dental gum

- allergy, tooth illnesses, and its consequences, that were formed after the treatment and were not known earlier

- damages due to extreme use (night tooth gnashing, tooth squeezing)

- damages of the tooth originating from outside dentists or technicians’ work

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